Sistema CK


Sliding system - 120 mm
System Features
Aluminum system for running sliding doors.
Aluminum profiles
The aluminum profiles are extruded in aluminum alloy 6060 for architecture according to norm NP EN 12020-02.
Average thickness of aluminum profiles of 1.7 mm.
Fixed rings
Section of the perimetral fixed ring of 2 guides of 122 mm for assembly to half miter;
Section of the 184 mm tri-rail perimeter fixed hoop for half-miter mounting;
304 stainless steel bottom guide rail to prevent wear of parts.
Mobile hoops
Section of 50.6 mm perimeter mobile rims with half-miter mounting;
Filling from 4 mm to 38 mm;
Straight or curved bites;
Watertightness guaranteed by EPDM joints and Fin-Seal type plush.
Dimensioning and maneuverability
Minimum dimensions - maximum of sheet: 720 mm - 3350 mm (L); 1190 mm - 2690 mm (H), with possibility of, applying extension, maximum height = 3325 mm;
Maximum weight of 250 kg per sheet with adjustable double bearings;
Maximum weight of 300 kg per sheet with lifting base hardware with option of 400kg per sheet with supplementary kit;
Opening possibilities: 2, 3, 4 or 6 sheets, with movable and / or fixed sheets;
Base hardware with 2 locking points and with the possibility of adding 1 or 2 additional points;
Base hardware with micro-ventilation;
Hardware consisting of 4-wheel trolleys made of PVC reinforced with glass fiber and needle bearings of high performance;
Specific handle for easy opening and closing maneuvers;
There is option with double handle, with cannon placement with key, to allow opening by the exterior.
System certified by the notified laboratory of the initial type test (ITT) according to the product standard EN 14351-1 for the purposes of CE marking.
Categories achieved in the evaluation of the CK system:
1. Air permeability: Class 3 (test standard EN 1026)
2. Watertightness: Class 6A (test standard EN 1027) 3. Wind resistance: Class C2 (test standard EN 12211)
Coefficient of thermal transfer of vents of 2 sheets with 5.0 m x 2.50 m with glass Ug = 0.7 W / m2K with intercalar effect "Warm Edge":
• Uw = 1.90 W / m2K
Acoustic attenuation coefficient of 2 sheets with glass 6/16 / 44.1 acoustic:
• Rw (C; Ctr) = 41 dB (-1; -5)