Sistema BL


Handrail system that offers four different possibilities:
• Handrail with glass only;
• Glass handrail with free upper surface;
• Handrail with full plumb;
• Handrail with plum and free upper surface.
Aesthetically presents two types of rail profile:
• Square rail 60 mm;
• Circular handrail with a diameter of 67 mm;
• Elliptical runner with 80 mm outside measurement.
This system is complemented by an extensive range of accessories that allow for a wide range of solutions.
BL-Glass System
Minimalist aluminum system to run glass guards or handrails.
System Features
BL-Glass System is an innovative, elegant product with minimalist and high quality design that serves as support along stairways or safety barriers promoting the protection of users.
This product offers a transparency solution, durable and maintenance-free aesthetic.
Easy to assemble and with several assembly solutions for greater ease of integration in each project.
The system is designed to safely serve private, public, commercial or service buildings such as:
• Places of residential activity: rooms and rooms of private residential buildings, rooms and wards of hospital buildings, rooms of hotel buildings, kitchens, toilets. etc.
• Public venues: churches, theaters, cinemas, conference rooms, classrooms, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, exhibition halls, dance halls, gymnasiums, stages, public access to administrative building, hospitals and Hotels, public transportation stations, department stores, commercial areas, offices, cafes, restaurants, reading rooms, receptions, etc.
The BL-Glass system allows the execution of 3 versions:
• Superior minimalist version;
• Built-in minimalist version;
• Lateral minimalist version;
The BL-Glass system is designed to receive laminated-tempered or laminated glass with a thickness of 8 + 8 or 10 + 10 with a minimum of 2 layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between the two glass sheets. Glasses should have broken edges.
The system complies with national or international building standards and meets all safety standards having been certified according to NP 4491: 2009.
• Base profile BL-20 in aluminum with 120 mm x 43 mm;
• Minimum guard height of 1100 mm;
• Recommended maximum width for glass: 2100 mm;
• Fixing the base profile in a top or side version in intervals of 400mm;
• Supplementary profile BL-21 available for the lateral minimalist version;
• Various top-end profiles available for hand-pass effect;
• Seals in gray SEBS;
• Marine quality EPDM seals.
Aluminum profiles
• Aluminum profiles are extruded in aluminum alloy 6060 for architecture according to standard NP EN 12020-02