Services Okyal

Okyal has prepared a set of services that aim to improve the effectiveness of our client

Office of Project Support

We elaborated studies on works in their initial phase of construction. The suggestion of systems to apply and technical advice. The technical department of Anicolor has a vast team of professionals willing to collaborate with Okyal clients.
That includes services of:
1. Analysis and design studies;
2. Budgeting;
3. Sales Service: U.C. Viana and U.C.Benguela

Commercial Units

Our commercial units have the following services:
1. Delivery service
2. Special Orders
3. Technical support
4. After-sales follow-up

Budgeting / Requirement listings

The commercial department elaborates the budgets according to the maps of spans obtaining diverse lists to their needs by work.

Delivery service

We deliver your merchandise in any part of the country, with fast deadlines depending on your needs.

Technical services

Okyal has prepared for you a service with specialized technicians in our systems to collaborate with you in order to provide the support and training service in the design of new systems.

Special Order Service

We deliver any type of aluminum system from the general catalog of Anicolor with your preferred color with high quality parameters in surface treatments and also with specialized technical monitoring and related tools.
We also have any accessory solution from the Dineru catalog as well as machines and other goods that your company deems necessary.
Consult Commercial Department.

Budgeting Software

Okyal will soon market the tool to support its productivity, budgeting software designed with Okyal systems will be of essential use to local businesses. We will have a training and customer support center in case of acquisition.

We are different, we are OKYAL!